There are those who are prepared to open their minds to all possibilities in order to find out what the truth is and there are those who are only prepared to accept that which fits within the parameters of what they want to believe is true. There is cognitive dissonance, there is wilful ignorance and beyond that, there is only stupidity.

The journey to discover the truth has only one path, the ability to open your mind to all possibilities and to accept that evil people will lie, deceive and corrupt, in order to keep the truth hidden from those they wish to control. The journey to the truth can and will only begin, once this is realised. The next step is to let go of the ego by admitting to yourself that you have been fooled and deceived, then accepting that 99% of what you have ever been told, taught or presented with, is most probably a lie.

If you cannot entertain the possibility that everything you have ever been told could have been purposely fabricated and tailored to suit an agenda or you do not question anything you have been told, you will simply never discover the truth. You will only continue to believe what you are programmed to believe and live out your life in complete ignorance. And ignorance is bliss or so they say, whoever ‘they’ are.

Perception creates a particular reality and this perception is what keeps the vast majority of people believing what they believe to be true. Information or control of information is what creates the collective perception of society and this in turn, controls society on the whole.

Social engineering is cleverly designed to create a hive mind of ignorant, unquestioning, obedient slaves, it enables the population to be easily controlled. This is the modus operandi repeatedly used by almost all modern democratic Governments and is nothing new.

The Government controls the Media and the Media influences and controls society’s perception of reality. The vast majority of society believes that the Government is controlled by the voting public. This is an illusion. The truth is that Democracy is not the freedom that the majority of people think it is.

The two party paradigm is simply a pantomime for the ignorant, a punch and Judy show to distract those who believe that by voting they will get the changes they voted for, when in reality all they will get is more of the same, repackaged and rebranded, with a few pacifying novelties.

It is simply two sides on the same coin implementing the agenda of their paymasters (the banking cartels). Those in control of the money are the same people who dictate policy, engineer society and control the political narrative.

When you vote, you are contracting to hand over the legal responsibility of your inalienable rights to a selected representative provided by the bankers. By registering to vote you are giving away your freedom, not exercising your right to retain it by electing the selected representative.

“I care not what puppet is placed upon the throne of England to rule the Empire on which the sun never sets.

The man who controls Britain’s money supply controls the British Empire, and I control the British money supply.” – Nathan Mayer Rothschild.

Democracy is not freedom but dictatorship in the disguise of popular majority decision. Half of the population will always be miserably subjected to the rules of what the other half voted for, who probably only voted for the party that was simply the lesser of two diabolical evils. This is why nothing ever improves for the voting classes and the reason why agendas and legislative laws that nobody wanted or asked for are implemented, leaving everyone wondering why and how? If voting actually made a difference, they really wouldn’t allow it.

Democracy is purposely designed to disguise a system of slavery by providing two options; on one hand a party with terrible policies, awful legislation, greedy corrupt politicians and very little financial improvement for the voter and on the other hand a party with even worse policies, deliberately worse legislation, even greedier corrupt politicians and even less financial improvement for the voter. This is the reality.

“He who would be deceived, let him be deceived.” – Roman Cult Maxim of Law

Deep within our souls we all know this and yet the overwhelming majority still believe that the same group of corrupt criminals implementing this tyrannical nightmare on the rest of us, are the ones who are going to provide the solution. And yet, not only do we allow this to continue, the overwhelming majority actively encourage it!

We are now living through a very real nightmare engineered by the globalist bankers at the world economic forum (covid 19 the great reset) and those elected to represent the voters, cannot even be bothered to at least pretend there is an opposition challenging the government, anymore.

The pantomime illusion of democracy has never been more obvious, the ruling elite no longer care that the mask has slipped as the overwhelming majority still believe the way out of it, is to vote at another election! It’s no longer a case of turkeys voting for Christmas but turkeys choosing the carving knife!

I believe that the overwhelming majority of the UK population are suffering from collective Stockholm syndrome causing a real pandemic of cognitive dissonance, reinforced by media programming, resulting in the physical manifestation of the propaganda due to the unquestioning compliance of the brainwashed public, who are convinced there is a real virus.

As Shakespeare said ” All the world is a stage and all the men and women are merely players.” I don’t believe he was joking, the truth is hidden in plain sight and is more often than not, stranger than fiction.

There are those who believe that they are ‘red pilled’ (a term used to describe those who are aware of the truth) and know that covid is a lie but are held at bay by the shills, gatekeepers and freemasons who have infiltrated the alternative media and are leading them down a cul-de-sac of half-truths and the illusion of a growing united push back.

Anyone who supports people who have a blue tick on twitter, are an ex-employee of the mainstream media, are in the mainstream media and promoting crowd funding lawyers, anyone working for a political party, actors or former actors and alternative media with blue ticks, are being herded by controlled opposition. If your reaction to that is instant denial without questioning the possibility, then you are suffering from cognitive dissonance. Some of these people will have opened your eyes initially, revealing some of the truth but this is solely for the purpose of gaining your trust, only to misdirect you, turn you against those who see their agenda and feed you lies further down the line in order to halt your quest for more knowledge of the real truth. Whatever that turns out to be.

Anyone who understands this but still wants to believe that people like Alex Jones (info wars), Piers Corbyn (stand up x), any of the Icke (i-CON-ic) family or associates like Richie Allen (former Icke employee and family friend) Vernon Coleman (Icke family Doctor), Anna Brees (bbc shill & possibly connected to the Rothschilds), Liam Fox (actor), David Kurten (possibly just a useful idiot) and such like are on your side, then you are suffering from wilful ignorance because you are dismissing the possibilities without properly scrutinising the evidence available (rife symbolism and topic avoidance such as Germ Theory). Which is ironically the exact same thing that you will be accusing the rest of the population of doing, whilst trying to convince them of the covid deception.

You simply haven’t researched enough into the globalist agenda, the world economic forum, Rothschild’s banking cartels, freemasonry, symbolism, Germ Theory and the concept of controlled opposition.

The truth is not pleasant, I was duped by these same gate keeper shills and it took me a while to see the truth and accept it. These people offering hope and knowingly deceiving the people questioning this covid lie, in my opinion are worse than those committing the actual tyranny.

Anyone who hasn’t grasped that covid 19 is a lie after 14 months of this campaign of absolute propaganda and dismiss what I am writing as a conspiracy theory, then they are suffering from complete stupidity and there is probably no help for them except prayers to the most high.

I take no pleasure in writing this and if the truth be known, I wish these people who are paid to deceive us, were honourable, were genuine and were on our side but they’re not. They are liars, they have no conscience and they do not feel empathy or guilt for what they do. They’re simply evil.

The sooner those of us who are aware of the pandemic lie realise this, the sooner we can weed out the liars and deceivers paid to infiltrate us and ultimately lead us nowhere.

 It was once said to me “The problem with people like you is, you’re very good at pointing out all the problems but you never offer any solutions.”

My response to that is this, “I’m a man telling you that the ship is sinking; I don’t have a rescue boat. Sometimes it’s a simple case of sink or swim. Where’s your personal responsibility? Why is it my sole responsibility to point out and fix societies problems, which everyone has contributed to?”

However, I will offer my contribution to a possible solution; which ultimately has to be a combined effort.

You see the real problem is, we have become a society that wants to sit back and let someone else take care of the problems which we have all allowed to happen and contributed to. Nobody wants to take personal responsibility anymore and this is why we are in the mess we are in.

We have allowed greedy, corrupt people with hidden agendas to take responsibility of our lives and the society we live in, whilst we are distracted by liars and actors on TV, who are paid to continue programming our minds to believe that we need fake money created out of thin air to buy rubbish that we don’t need and distract us with fantasies designed to encourage us to escape and deny our realities.

Some people will have woken up to the truth only to be lulled back into going to sleep again by handing over personal responsibility to the gatekeepers, liars, freemasons and government shills. Once again allowing the deception to continue on a different level because everyone wants to get behind the leader of a group who will champion the cause only to later divide, splinter and inevitably lead you into a cul-de-sac like the proverbial pied piper.

The answer is to continue to questioning absolutely everything and continue to share information, knowledge and truth however unpalatable or unbelievable it may seem.

Resist the temptation to defend people you do not know when they are accused of deception. Let them defend themselves. Entertain the possibility that they may be a deceiver.

Resist the instant temptation to ridicule the person who is making the claim against the one accused of deception. First look properly at the evidence. Be sure you fully understand the evidence presented and have researched it thoroughly before fully committing to a decision.

Never assume that just because the one accused of deception is friendly and is a long term advocate for truth who has been ridiculed themselves for something that became truth, that they weren’t playing the long game. A real wolf in sheep’s clothing stalks their prey well in advance of any attack.

If the paid liars and deceivers know that they are going to be continually scrutinised then they will become very nervous and soon expose themselves by making mistakes. An obvious red flag for me with any self styled truth guru is, it’s never what they talk about that shows their true colours but that which they refuse to talk about that reveals the most about them. Nothing should be off the table and everything should be open to debate!

The more vigilant we are, the harder it is for the enemy to infiltrate us, the more complacent and unquestioning we are, then the easier it is for the gatekeepers to herd us and pen us in.

Questioning everything and everyone is not divisive nor is it paranoia but it is in fact taking personal responsibility to prevent yourself from being deceived and is essential in order to form a genuine independent opinion. The truth doesn’t mind being challenged but a lie hates to be questioned.

Keep an open mind, entertain all possibilities but remain vigilant of what you allow in.

The truth is free and we should be very cautious of anyone making money from it.

The same approach should be applied to protests. They are ideal for meeting likeminded people but do not be fooled into believing that they are not controlled. They are.

Organised protests are nothing more than an energy harvesting exercise and an opportunity for the government to evaluate the public consensus. Those who are protesting are viewed as acknowledging the legitimacy of the government’s authority and are simply seen as complaining about a decision. Those who do not protest, are considered to be implying consent to the legitimacy of the government’s authority, through silence. This is the reality. This is the truth.

Liberty is a privilege which is granted and only a slave petitions his master to restore it.

Freedom is an inalienable gift from God and does not require it to be returned as it has never been removed, unless of course we have been enslaved through deception. All men are equal under God and no man may administrate over another without consent, unless they are claimed as property (a slave) of the administrator.

If we cannot change the way we think, then we cannot expect anything to change.

Freemasons, Gatekeepers and Shills.


It is a continual nightmare for those of us who have been paying close attention over the last 12 months and who have been busy gathering information whilst trying to expose the obvious lie that is covid 19.

Convincing the mask wearing, brainwashed population, who have become increasingly hypnotised by the fear soaked propaganda campaign which is endlessly pumped into the living rooms of every home in the country via the TV and radio, that they are being lied to, is nigh on impossible!

Ever since March 23rd 2020, when the UK government declared a pandemic 4 days after covid 19 was no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease, we have all been fully committed to investigating and pulling apart the finer details of the statistics and evidence produced by the government.

We have been fighting a continual tidal wave of lies, in what is a very dirty, vicious, exhausting war of information and deception.

I believe we are now at a moment in time where the whole covid narrative is beginning to lose its momentum and the government is playing a losing game of whack-a-mole with the truth as more and more people begin to ask questions.

For those of us who have watched this nightmare unfold whilst attempting to expose the corruption to the sleeping majority, it is my opinion, that the real danger now, is some of those who are aware of this pantomime plandemic, are going to end up getting lost in the covid deception, depending on the level of knowledge that each individual has. There are many levels of truth, all with multiple rabbit holes with gatekeepers or planted government agents, shills and freemasons whose purpose is to slow you down, to poison the well with half-truths, pacify you with crowd funding lawyers and a promise of legal remedy, (which has zero chance of success, as all the courts are places of commerce not justice). All to keep you from moving forward in the pursuit of truth.

Those who have planned and executed this agenda are now deploying a continued roll out of distractions amongst the covid sceptics in order to snare those who are aware of the lies, with traps purposely designed to keep them tangled up in the cleverly woven web of lies with the continued help of controlled opposition groups and ever increasing list of pretend whistle blowers.

The continued regurgitation of the truth about inaccurate data, inaccurate testing systems, inaccurate diagnosis of coronavirus, falsified death certificates, fraudulent recordings of cause of death, died with or died having tested positive for 28 days after death, the use of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, the disappearance of flu etc. All of which is important information to share with those who are oblivious to it but for those of us with knowledge of the truth, it is simply an echo chamber of truth and facts used as a tactic to keep us going around in circles, whilst arguing about the finer details.

It is nothing more than a distraction to continually shift the focus of attention whilst maintaining the covid 19 narrative. Classic smoke and mirrors. The narrative being that there is an actual virus that requires actual treatment. After some considerable time unearthing a lot of facts surrounding this so called virus and its fabricated statistics, I became extremely frustrated which quickly evolved into complete soul destroying boredom (there are only so many graphs, facts, figures and experts I can listen to before they all start repeating each other).

The latest debate is the supposed suppression of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as a cheap and effective way to treat coronavirus, which is a prime example of keeping those in the know of this scam distracted whilst maintaining the pandemic narrative.

The truth is, those who fund the pharmaceutical industry are only promoting pharmaceutical products as a solution to a fake pandemic and there are even some of those who know that covid is a lie, who are being drawn into this fake debate about Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin being a cheaper and more effective method of treatment than an experimental vaccine (which isn’t even a vaccine in the traditional sense, it’s an mRNA gene therapy). Who are then encouraged to write in protest to their local MP instead of further questioning what they are told. They are led down a cul-de-sac by gate keeper shills in classic smoke and mirrors distraction.

Such fruitless arguments and protests simply helps maintain the government’s narrative by accepting that covid 19 exists, which in turn implies consent to the societal restrictions imposed on us, as the overwhelming majority of the population are silent through either media induced fear or cognitive dissonance and are totally compliant. This further solidifies the government’s decisions as they see the majority are silently happy with the current situation.

Around December I began to resign myself to the fact that no matter how many official statistics you take apart or how much evidence you produce to argue against the lies, the hypnotised sheeple will only wake up to the truth as and when they are ready to (some may never wake up at all)! Having reached this hopeless conclusion I was left feeling hamstrung wondering where to go from here.

With prior knowledge of the monopoly of the pharmaceutical industry by J.D Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie in the 1900’s (if you aren’t aware of this then I’d recommend you look into it), I began to research deeper into the industry itself and its origins. I hadn’t previously looked too much beyond the statistics, methods of testing and facts surrounding the pandemic nonsense until around December 2020 as I had been researching other topics of interest.

As well as doing my own research, I read the excellent book ‘What really makes you ill?’ by Dawn Lester & David Parker and ‘Goodbye Germ Theory: ending a century of medical fraud’ by Dr William P. Trebling (both of which I would recommend you read!).

I have discovered that the pharmaceutical industry which produces the petrochemical based ‘so called medicines’ also heavily funded the science of microbiology and virology, which is all based on the ‘Germ Theory’ which was theorised and tested by 19th century French scientist Louis Pasteur.

Although I feel have only scratched the surface with this topic, the information I have found is astonishing! So much of what I have read, made so much sense and resonated with me to the point where it has become very clear that ‘Germ Theory’ is extremely flawed and was the perfect vehicle to create a multi-billion Dollar industry.

I could write endless paragraphs explaining why the evidence for Germs being the cause of disease is extremely flawed or explain my reasons for believing that the concept of Germ Theory should be, at the very least, questioned in its entirety. Or why I now believe that viruses are not the causes of disease but a necessary product of the body’s own immune system detoxifying itself and that the most common theme where epidemics occur is poor sanitation, lack of food and access to clean drinking water.

But there are books like the ones previously mentioned that explain it in such concise detail that I really couldn’t improve on what has already been so brilliantly done. Therefore I would encourage you to read the information and investigate the concept of ‘Germ Theory’ for yourself.

Like many modern sciences, ‘Germ Theory’ was and still is what its name purports it to be, just a theory. It has never progressed or evolved into irrefutable fact. The very nature of science is to continually question itself but as we have discovered, particularly in the current alleged pandemic, that the multi-billion dollar industry funding the science behind Germ Theory, microbiology and virology is beyond questioning and any attempt to do so is viciously attacked with arrogance, ignorance and ridicule.  

As a result of my research, I have gone far beyond questioning the covid 19 narrative and progressed to questioning the whole concept of Germ Theory in its entirety and the nature of petrochemical based medical treatments. The billion dollar pharmaceutical industry has no real incentive or reason to cure any disease because there is no financial interest to do so and the continual use of the term ‘side effects’ is just a deceptive way of informing the patient that there is a possibility of further illness through continual poisoning of the body, which may require the need for more pharmaceutical treatments.

I now find myself questioning the ethics of all of the ‘so called’ whistle blower Doctors recommending the use of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as an alternative treatment to the mRNA gene therapy vaccine. It’s very difficult to see how they cannot be gatekeepers for the pharmaceutical mafia, complicit and happy to be paid to keep the lie going, or are afraid to question the use of allopathic medicine in favour of holistic treatments through fear of losing their job, or they are genuinely ignorant of the facts around Germ Theory and are victims of pharmaceutical funded university programming.

I’m not saying there aren’t any good Doctors out there speaking out because there are but I can’t see teams of virologists or microbiologists anytime soon, suddenly questioning a theory which would inevitably end in career suicide and ‘bon voyage’ to a very well paid employment provided by the pharmaceutical gravy train, with the exception of Stephan Lanka and his college Karl Krafeld who have specifically stated that viruses do not cause disease, of course. This really is a spiritual, moral and ethical test.

It’s a choice of choosing a life lived with a clear conscience and a loss of personal luxuries through moral obligation to do right by your fellow man versus living a fake life of enslavement, paid for through bribery with fake worthless money, created out of thin air, which delivers you comfort in one hand, solely to benefit someone else’s nefarious agenda at the cost of innocent lives, in the other.

A red flag for me now is that any medical professional who is speaking out about the vaccine but still refuses to challenge the concept of Germ Theory, has got to be questioned. The way in which this very weak respiratory illness has been hijacked and used for the most sinister and nefarious reasons, should by now be as clear as day to anyone not brainwashed and working within the medical profession.

If you are of the understanding that this alleged virus is not as deadly as the government and their medical expert advisors are insisting it is and you are questioning the statistics, then you really should be moving up a level to questioning the whole concept of ‘Germ Theory’. If science is no longer able or willing to question itself, then it’s time that we did and held those who are in the business of assisting this tyranny, to account!


Saturday the 20th March 2021 saw hundreds of thousands of ordinary men and women take to the streets to demonstrate their anger at the UK government’s persistence with the destructive and appalling coronavirus act, along with all of its draconian rules and guidelines.

There has been a rising anger growing in the hearts and souls of those of us in society who have become utterly incensed by the governments pig-headed and wilful destruction of everything that we and generations before us, have created, built and nurtured, through hard work and commitment, who have loved and contributed to these islands. Much of which has been defended with the cost of countless lives.

The eventual cost of this lunatic approach to a supposed health crisis, by this government, is going to be catastrophic, both economically and socially. The impact on the lives and futures of the UK population will be incalculable.

The Daily Mail has reported today that the cost of UK borrowing per day is £973million, the economic cost of covid is £521million per day, furlough and support for the self-employed has so far cost in total £107billion. This is total insanity!

The Retail sector has so far lost £22billion in sales because of continued rolling lockdowns with 185,447 people losing their jobs. Hospitality has lost £86.4billion in lost sales, 340,000 jobs in the supply chain have been lost and 660,000 jobs have been lost in the sector.

Last year in March 2020, Boris Johnson adopted the Chinese approach to a health crisis and pressed ahead with the untested draconian measure of ‘lockdown’, declaring that it was a temporary measure to ‘flatten the curve’.

How flat does the curve need to be before we reopen society?

What the government has actually succeeded in doing is flattening the economy!

“Protect the NHS” declared Boris Johnson. Protect it from what? Is it not a service for which we have all pre-paid, with our taxes and national insurance contributions to be there for us when we are ill?

The NHS has seen its waiting list reach an all-time record high of 4.59million in England alone! 400,000 thousand fewer people received urgent referrals for cancer treatments and there were 6.87million fewer attendances at A&E departments.

The purpose built nightingale wards were never used and eventually closed at the cost of billions.

How protected does the NHS need to be before it fully resumes its services?

I have been made aware of two responses received from freedom of information requests, one by University Hospitals Plymouth, which had revealed that since March 2020 “the trust considers five or fewer deaths were related to patients who died following a positive covid test result that did not have any pre-existing health conditions.

A response from Royal Cornwall Hospitals which declared that from March 19th 2020 to January 30th 2021, a total of 11 patients had died solely from covid! This is the supposed health crisis that has crippled this country for 12 months.

Instead of “Protect the NHS” the slogan should be “Protect the government narrative”!

Despite the appalling statistics reported by the Daily Mail, there was a hint that a blockade on vaccines by the EU could derail the phased plan to end the lockdown. As if suggesting that the only answer to this diabolical situation of continued cycle of lockdowns, is vaccination? For a virus that 99.7% of us survive!

There does however, seem to be a solution being offered by the government, reported by the Times, to ‘help ease us out of lockdown’ and further eliminate any future lockdowns, involving all adults in the UK self-testing twice a week to track asymptomatic carriers of coronavirus. This of course will immediately result in the useless rapid flow and PCR tests creating a surge in positive cases, which will inevitably ensure that all of the draconian measures remain in place!

How long will it be before we are all required to provide proof that we aren’t sick by being forced to carry a digital or paper document like the ‘Green Passport’ which is in place now in Israel? I wrote about this in my previous article “Are we heading for a permanently divided society?”

I’m starting to see the signs now, that after a year of this government’s deliberate and wilful destruction of our country, more and more people are becoming increasingly affected by it and have had enough!

The demonstration held in Bristol saw supposed peaceful protesters clashing with police and incidents of violence, vandalism and injuries were reported.

It’s not uncommon for groups of agent provocateurs to infiltrate peaceful demonstrations in order to create a demand for the necessary legislation needed to prevent further peaceful protests and allow the authorities to crack down harder on dissenting voices and further tighten their restrictions.

This is often cheered on by the overwhelming majority of the public, who demand more powers for the police, to give them tighter controls to enforce law and order but have no idea that these tactics are deliberately engineered to further erode their own freedom.   

The MP’s whose responsibility it is to represent the interests of their constituents are now showing themselves to be incompetent, compromised or incentivised to look the other way. They have completely abandoned their voters and are either complicit or compliant with the unfolding tyranny.

I am becoming more and more convinced that our way of life and the freedom we cherish, is nothing more than a cheap veneer and an illusion. Our culture, our society and our chosen method of governance has been subverted by an insidious group of people who are aided by compromised useful idiots.

We are no longer a democratic country in the traditional sense we are used to but a country that is in a transitional phase which is moving towards a technocratic, communist system of authoritarian control.

A Chinese democracy.


By Martin Bentley


It is often said that the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world that he does not exist. I believe the UK government have done much better than that, by convincing an entire nation of healthy people that they are sick!

Yes, we are now all considered to be walking biohazards and asymptomatic carriers of the deadly coronavirus, unless we can provide sufficient evidence that we are not.

And judging by the compliance of the majority of the mask wearing public, they too are convinced that everyone they come into contact with, are deadly bio terrorists ready to ambush them in the fruit and vegetable aisle of their local supermarket. Armed to the teeth with their arsenal of weaponised germs, delivered by the respiratory exhaust of exhaled breath!

The only method by which (a government approved) clean bill of health can be proven, is by acquiring a negative test result from the RT-PCR test, which is as about as much use as a handbrake on a canoe!

Unless you have the critical thinking ability of a lettuce and the observational skill of a one eyed drunk in a coma, you will have noticed now that there is a growing division in society.

There are those of us in society who are willing to look at all of the available information and question everything, in order to find out what the truth is, regardless how difficult the truth is to accept. And there are those in society who will only accept the information which fits within the parameters of what they want to believe is true.

Those in society who are unable to see the tyranny which is unfolding in front of them in plain sight, who instantly defend this government without question, seem to be suffering from either cognitive dissonance, wilful ignorance or just plain stupidity.

Even when those who refer to everything that goes against the government narrative as a conspiracy theory, are presented with black and white facts contradicting their belief and exposing what they have been told is a lie, they still cannot accept that they have been deceived or in the very least, begin to question what they are told!

This is extremely worrying for those of us who can see the deceit and it leaves us wondering how we can actually get those who are convinced they are in the grip of a pandemic, to look at the opposite side of the argument, short of physically forcing them.     

The biggest concern is that there has been no debate at all in any mainstream public forum, all dissenting voices have been silenced, ridiculed or sneered at. This has unlawfully denied the people of the UK from being able to make a true informed decision regarding the direction the country should take in reaction to this alleged pandemic. Without debating all sides of the argument, any decision made by those chosen to represent the people, surely can only be a biased or deceitful one?

This alleged global health crisis is starting to unfold very much like a carefully planned, deliberate and engineered crisis which is copied straight from the script of the ‘Lockstep’ scenario from the Rockefeller document from 2010 and the high level pandemic exercise ‘event 201’ simulation held at the John Hopkins University (funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation and the Rockefeller institute) in New York in October 2019.

The overwhelming majority of the UK population will be completely unaware of the aforementioned ‘Lockstep’ document and the global pandemic simulation ‘Event 201’ as these things are never reported by the mainstream media and neither is the unfolding medical apartheid which is happening right now in Israel.

On the 15th March, Ilana Rachel Daniel reported from Jerusalem informing that there has been a mandatory implementation of a digital health passport called the ‘Green Passport’ which comes in the form of a scan-able QR code which has “overnight created a second class citizenry. A true medical apartheid that is disallowing healthy, law abiding citizens from entering their place of culture if they do not participate in this experiment.

Ilana goes on to explain the dire restrictions being forced on to the Israeli people, have seen those refusing the vaccine, kicked out of choirs, swimming pools and gyms!

Any citizens returning to Israel who have not been vaccinated are forced to quarantine in “filthy, petri-dish” hotels or they have the option of wearing an ankle bracelet at a personal cost of 2000 shekels (approx. £435) to quarantine at home (Self-financed house arrest).

Vaccines are not mandatory in Israel, however if someone chooses not to comply with the Israeli government recommendation of taking the Pfizer vaccine, they are effectively excluded from being able to access almost all public areas of society, including in some cases their jobs. So it appears to be forced vaccination through coercion, by threat of ostracism for non-compliance. Certainly not what I would call a choice by informed consent.

Israel seems to be the blueprint for the resetting of society by dividing those who are willing to take this experimental vaccine and those who are not. Is it a coincidence that Pritti Patel (who is now the home secretary and has overall responsibility for the home office response to covid-19, including health measures at the border and police powers to enforce lockdown) visited Israel back in 2017, for a ‘family holiday’ and had 12 secret meetings?  

I have wrote in previous articles about the UK governments ever changing position regarding domestic health passports and I am certainly convinced that the social division which we are currently witnessing in Israel, will inevitably be implemented in the UK as a matter of course.

I believe if we continue on this current path, we will, without doubt, find ourselves in a two tier society. No longer will it be the rich and the poor but the ‘vaccinated’ and the ‘unvaccinated’. We are already seeing labels being attached to those who do not want to participate in this medical apartheid such as, anti-vaxxer, anti-lockdowner, anti-masker, cov-idiot, conspiracy theorists, tinfoil hatters and covid-denier, all programmed into the minds of the TV addicted public, via the mainstream media, TV shows and TV presenters.

This narrative is constantly and continually reinforced by the mainstream media, whose purpose is no longer to remain impartial and present all of the available information to the public in order for the public to form their own opinion but instead they wilfully stifle debate, ridicule alternative opinions and deliberately prevent important information from becoming public knowledge.

So effective have the mainstream media been, in convincing the vast majority of the population, that anyone who questions the government ‘pandemic narrative’, should be regarded as mentally unbalanced and immediately ridiculed, that those who are beginning to question the information which is provided by the mainstream media, begin their sentences with “I’m not an anti-vaxxer but….” Or “I’m not a conspiracy theorist but….”

So terrified are they of being labelled and judged by the rest of society they feel that they must defend their opinion before they have made it. How sad that in 2021, free thinking and the ability to form an independent opinion is now something to be ridiculed and sneered at. Where those who point out the truth to the deceived are met with an aggressive response, instead of intelligent debate.

So the real question is, will we be able to find a way to put the unity back into the community or will there only be unity in immunity?         


It’s been a very strange few weeks, well if it could possibly get any stranger than it already is.

On the 16th February I uploaded a 30 minute video onto my YouTube channel, titled “Vaccination and Vacation or Sceptical Staycation?” The video accompanied an article which I have also published in print.

The video was taken down within 3 hours of being uploaded, it had been viewed by 4 people (yes a whopping 4 people) and bearing in mind the channel is less than 4 weeks old and has less than 10 subscribers! Someone was incredibly upset with the content I had produced but neglected to give me a reason for censoring it.

I subsequently found myself banned for the second time on YouTube, the previous ban was for re uploading a speech which I gave in Sheffield last summer that had reached 67.5k views on another channel before being taken down by YouTube. Free speech really is under the threat of total annihilation!

On the 28th Feb I arrived at work (yes, I work full time, 48 hours per week as well as writing and researching, no furlough for me!) at 6 a.m. where it quickly transpired, that the company I work for, had suddenly decided to introduce ‘on the spot’ covid testing!

I entered the building and was met by someone I’d never met previously (who was wearing a Hi-Viz vest, so he must’ve been important!) and was told “You need to take a covid test mate.” I politely responded by explaining to the newly appointed Hi-Viz Health Enforcement Officer (he was a supervisor apparently), that “I don’t need to take any test and will not be doing as I’m not sick or showing any symptoms.”

“If you don’t take the test you’ll be immediately suspended and face disciplinary action.” I was told.

I was completely taken by surprise and was amazed that this individual, who had been given the task of herding people into a temporary testing facility (basically an office with rearranged furniture) had no clue that what he was doing or what he was instructing people to do, was completely unethical and unlawful.

I replied by attempting to appeal to his common sense, with “Really? You do realise that I have inalienable rights to bodily integrity and what you have just said is totally unlawful, don’t you? Are you threatening me with disciplinary action should I not consent to an invasive medical procedure? Because that would be coercion.”

He reasoned his instruction with “It’s no different to a drugs and alcohol test.”

I went on to explain to him that the covid test is nothing like a drugs and alcohol test and that the drugs and alcohol test is consensual and part of the terms and conditions within the contract of my employment, should I be suspected of being drunk or under the influence of drugs whilst at work.

I also added that the covid test is an invasive medical procedure which requires the appropriate training, as there is a danger that an untrained person could cause injury by piercing the blood brain barrier.

I asked him if the person performing the test had any medical qualifications at all (she didn’t and is in fact in the vulnerable group for covid, as she has a child at home with a respiratory issue!!) and what training they had received.

I was told that the person overseeing the test had been trained and was instructing others to perform their own tests. I asked what training she’d had that qualified her to instruct people to perform invasive medical tests on themselves and received no response.

After a lengthy debate with the obviously unqualified Hi-Viz Health Enforcement Officer, whilst in full view of roughly thirtyish other people crammed into an open office, it was decided that I was suspended on full pay pending an investigation for the allegation of ‘Refusing a reasonable management instruction, refusing a lateral flow test’ which could result in disciplinary action. I was handed a letter of suspension in full view of the gawping group of willing test subjects and told “Don’t shoot the messenger.”

This entire incident was completely wrong on so many levels I was stunned that it was actually happening and went home in sheer amazement.

I arrived back home at 6.30a.m. Much to the confusion of my partner (who is in the medical profession) who was in complete disbelief when I told her the full story over a cup of coffee. I then typed up the entire incident as a statement whilst it was still fresh in my mind so as not to forget any details. (I have attached a copy of the suspension letter and my statement at the end of this article should you wish to read my version of the whole encounter).

On the 3rd March I was invited into an interview with HR regarding the allegations and subsequent suspension which lasted roughly 30 mins.

I handed them a pre prepared statement containing my version of events from the incident. I then read it out for the record. I was asked a couple rather pointless questions, which aren’t even worth mentioning, before handing them my written conclusion. I read it out for the record and is as follows.

I do not accept the allegations that I refused a “reasonable management request”. (By refusing a lateral flow test.)

The current government guidelines on testing for covid in the work place are quite clear.

Government guidelines state that employers have a duty to protect the health and safety of their employees, it is likely that they can reasonably instruct an employee exhibiting symptoms to be tested.

However, it may not be reasonable for the employer to require an employee to be tested, if they are not exhibiting symptoms (for example, if they are part of a testing programme to identify possible asymptomatic cases).

The current government guidelines state that if I have exhibit symptoms of covid then I should report to a testing centre to take an RT – PCR test and that testing requires my consent, as the tests are an invasive medical procedure.

Should I exhibit symptoms, I would not attend my place of work and I would consult the government’s guidelines.

I had received no prior communication from (work place omitted) before the 28/02/21, that I would be required to give my consent to take a test for covid.

I work alone and outside in a huge yard area, where I have close to zero physical interaction with any other person throughout my working day, therefore there are no reasonable grounds to:-

a) Reasonably suspect that I am asymptomatically infected with covid or

b) That I am considered to be in a category of risk that would potentially increase the spread of covid.

Taking into consideration the above information, I cannot accept that I did not follow a reasonable management request.

I am of the view that I exercised my inalienable rights to privacy, confidentiality and bodily integrity which were completely ignored.

I do not believe that the health and safety obligations within my contract of employment were applied to me at any time during the incident.

On reflection, however, I am of the view that there are several potential breeches of my contract of employment.”

I handed over a pre prepared list of ten questions which I would require the answers, prior to any disciplinary hearing, should one go ahead. Those questions can be found at the end of the article should you wish to read them.

The interview concluded and I left, pondering the possible disciplinary hearing which I had no doubt would soon take place. To my astonishment it never did!

Instead I received a phone call from a senior manager apologising to me for what had happened and that the allegations had been dropped and I was free to return to work on Monday 9th March.

I was totally shocked, particularly when considering the current climate we are in. I had been looking passed returning to work and pondering my future post dismissal and was feeling rather bleak about the whole thing but despite my worries I stood my ground and I won! A small but very significant little victory!

I am in no doubt that there will be more battles to fight in this war of medical tyranny and with certainty, the enemy along with their army of Hi-Viz Health Enforcement Officers, will be planning other attacks on freedom and liberty but for now I have survived to fight another day.

I am an ex Royal Marines Commando and my gut instinct will always be to stand and fight. I understand that not everyone is able to do the same and I would never criticise them for that but I could not justify, not putting into practice, that which I encourage others to do. I have never and will never encourage someone to do something, which I am not prepared to do myself.

These are testing times where every little victory matters, however small and we must push back where we can, however we can!  

If you wish to read the statements, questions and letter of suspension, then continue on. I have left out the name of my employer and those involved, as I still work there and would be in breach of my contract of employment should I reveal such details whilst still employed there.

I would further like to add that this is a personal experience and I am not advising or encouraging anyone to imitate my actions nor do I give advice in any legal capacity.

I believe it is everyone’s personal responsibility to educate themselves on their inalienable rights and exercise them where they feel they are obliged to.


1. I arrived to (work place omitted) at 0554hrs on 28/02/2021, which is my normal place of work. I am employed as a (title omitted). My duties are to (job description omitted).

2. On entering the building, I was immediately met in the main entrance, by a person unknown to me, who did not identify themselves to me and immediately instructed me to take a test for covid 19.

3. I asked why I was being instructed to take a covid test and was simply told that “Everyone was being tested.”

4. I refused to take the test on the grounds that I was not showing symptoms of covid 19, I was not ill, I had not been in contact with anyone showing symptoms of covid and that any test would require my consent.

5. I was instantly threatened with suspension should I not comply with the testing that was being carried out.

6. I explained that it was unlawful to coerce me into an invasive medical procedure and that my inalienable rights to bodily integrity were being disregarded as a result of the attempted coercion.

7. This was refuted by the person instructing me to take the test who went on to inform me that “The covid test is like the Drugs and Alcohol test and if you refuse to take it you will be suspended and face possible disciplinary action.”

8. I again pointed out that that statement alone was coercion and unlawful. I also added that the drugs and alcohol tests were totally different and that they were part of a consensual contract of employment.

9.  I explained that being ordered to participate in an invasive medical procedure at the behest of anyone who simply orders me to, is definitely not within the terms and conditions of my contract of employment.

10. I was concerned that the conditions of the test were unsafe and that the area of testing was inappropriate for several reasons.

11.  I explained my reservations regarding the inaccurate covid testing system which was being used, the way in which it was being used and the setting in which it was being performed, was of a huge concern.

The test produces high rates of false positives which wrongly inform the individual being tested that they are positive resulting in financial loss due to forced quarantining.

Whilst being performed by non-medically qualified staff, the chances of test inaccuracy is dramatically enhanced due to possible cross contamination because the whole of the workforce were all being ushered into the same room at the same time, not socially distancing and not wearing any face coverings. This is not in line with the standards of a medical testing facility.

I also had concerns that the area had not been suitably disinfected or prepared to the required standard of a medical testing facility.

12. I asked if there was a Medically Qualified person on site performing the testing procedure, as the action of swabbing the nasal passage can be dangerous when performed by unqualified people and can result in injury or damage to the blood brain barrier.

13. I was told that the person performing the test had been trained.

14. I asked who was performing the test and what training they had received.

15. I was then told that members of staff were performing their own tests. I was at this point extremely concerned bordering on horrified at such a cavalier approach to my health and safety.

16. I explained that could be a particularly dangerous and those performing procedures on themselves could injure themselves if they pierce their blood brain barrier.

17. I then asked if I was being suspended because if I was, then I needed to be going home immediately due to the unsafe environment I was in and the level of distress this had caused me.

18. I was told by another member of staff, who instructed me to go into the room where everyone was being tested because someone wanted my Family name.

19. I told this person, that whoever required my details should come out of the crowded room, which I assumed was suspected of a covid outbreak and get my details as I was not prepared to enter on the grounds of safety.

20. This person then came back and said “that I had to go in there as HR were in there.”

21. I asked this person to identify himself. He said “I’m just (name omitted).”

22. I informed (name omitted) that “this was a private matter” and that “I do not ‘need’ (as he put it) to go anywhere and that I do not take orders from strangers where my health is concerned.” I added that he should also mind his own business and repeated that should someone require my details that they come out and get them.

23. I was then shouted at by the security guard who said “it’s no good arguing with us, it’s not our rules”. Or words to that effect.

24. I responded by saying that “they were responsible for facilitating a procedure that could potentially cause injury and that they were involving themselves in the ‘argument’ by shouting comments.”

23. I was then handed a sheet of paper, informing me that I was suspended on full pay for “Refusing a reasonable management request” (refusing a lateral flow test for covid).

24. The person who handed me the letter did not identify himself, he did not take me to a private area to explain what was happening and simply said “don’t shoot the messenger”.

25. Not at any point during the incident was I offered the option of a private area to discuss any of the concerns I had raised, nor was I asked if I was comfortable discussing this in full view of the entire workforce. I have the right to privacy and confidentiality which was not afforded to me at all during this incident.

26. Throughout the incident which lasted roughly 20 minutes, I was subjected to several members of staff who found it highly appropriate to comment and voice their opinions on what should have been a private conversation between myself and a manager.

27. I found the entire experience to be, distressing, extremely humiliating and totally unprofessional.

28. I then left the premises, on receiving the letter of suspension.


1. What was the purpose of the mass testing on the date of the incident?

2. Who was given the responsibility for overseeing the testing?

3. What Medical Qualifications does the person responsible for overseeing the testing have?

4. What preparations were made in the area to be used for testing?

5. Was suitable insurance in place on the date of the incident, to cover any injury which could be sustained, as a direct result of Negligent Medical Procedures?

6. Why, was prior notice of testing not given, including an explanation for the requirement to be tested, as testing requires consent?

7. Why was I not taken to a private area to discuss my concerns to protect my confidentiality? And alleviate my clear and obvious distress?

8. Why were people allowed to form in a huge group whilst observing none of the government guidelines regarding social distancing or face coverings?

9. Why wasn’t there a qualified professional there to answer my concerns?

10. Which Laws, contractual or otherwise did the person suspending me from my duties, have the authority to behave in such an inappropriate, unethical and unprofessional manner?



By Martin Bentley


With Free Speech being heavily supressed under communist style censorship, public debate is non-existent and on-one is able to make a true informed choice due to the suppression of important information. It is time we fought for truth at street level by asking those around us, who believe what they are told by the mainstream media, to provide an answer to these important questions.

1. On the 19th of March 2020, the UK government declared that covid 19 was no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease. This status has remained unchanged. So why then, has the government continued to insist that we are in a pandemic?

2. On the 23rd of March the government placed the country under lockdown to stop the NHS from being overwhelmed. The NHS was never overwhelmed at any point so why did the lockdowns continue?

3. Why were lockdowns deemed necessary, despite never being used before in previous flu epidemics and given the fact that the government had downgraded covid 19 to no more serious than a seasonal flu?

4. Why did the government spend billions of pounds building numerous nightingale wards, specifically to treat covid 19 patients, in order for those with life threatening illnesses such as heart disease and cancer, to be able to continue to receive their treatment in hospital without fear of infection from the virus. Why were the nightingale wards never used?

5. Why did thousands of patients have their lifesaving treatment cancelled?

6. Why were people being arrested for videoing the inside of hospitals which were clearly empty despite the claim they were at full capacity?

7. Why were the nightingale wards dismantled in the summer whilst the government insisted we were not rid of the virus and were expecting a second more deadly wave in the coming winter?

8. Why does the government insist on social distancing measures based on nothing more than anecdotal evidence? After government advisor, Professor Robert Dingwall, declared that the 2m distancing rule had no scientific basis and was plucked out of thin air.

9. Despite statistics showing that covid 19 has a 99.7% survival rate which 80% of those who get the virus will only suffer mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. Where the average age of death is 82.4 years old with one or more comorbidities and without a single, provable documented case of an asymptomatic carrier transmitting this virus which has zero effect on children. Why are the government insisting that this is a deadly virus despite these statistics and the declaration on March 19th that it was no longer considered a high consequence in factious disease?

10. Why are the schools continually being closed, ruining the education and futures of millions of children when there isn’t a single documented case that any child has passed on this virus?

11. Why are the schools being continually closed when there are practically no teachers in the vulnerable group? The small number of teachers who are shielding could teach classes from home via the internet leaving the schools to run as normal with classroom assistants supervising.

12. Why are small businesses being forced to close whilst big businesses such as supermarkets are allowed to continue to operate whilst housing 100’s of people?

13. The inventor of the PCR test, Karry Mullis, stated that the RT-PCR test cannot detect free infectious viruses at all, so why is the RT-PCR test being used as the approved method of detecting covid 19 when it is not specifically designed for use as a diagnostic tool?

14. The PCR test produces high levels of false positives due to its inability to identify or distinguish between a live virus and fragments of genetic material left over from a previous cold or virus, so why are the statistics for cases of covid 19 reported at the levels they are when they are clearly inaccurate?

15. Why are people being recorded as a covid 19 death statistic within 28 days of testing positive for the virus despite dying from stage 4 cancer, heart disease or other conditions?

16. Why are post mortems no longer being performed before recording the cause of death in order to determine an accurate cause of death?

17. Why are we not seeing excessive numbers of funerals?

18. Why are we not witnessing excessive amounts of ambulance activity at all hours of the day and night?

19. Why are we not witnessing neighbours or family members dying in excessive numbers?

20. Why are we not seeing huge numbers of Key workers dying?

21. Why are we not witnessing huge numbers of people who work in and around the TV and Radio stations dying?

22. Why are TV shows still being filmed regularly and as normal whilst small businesses are forced to close down?

23. Why are the government employing SPI-B which is a team of psychologists, whose role is to keep the country in a constant state of fear? Why are Psychologists needed to combat a virus?

24. Why are the government insisting on the wearing of masks based on anecdotal evidence? There are no scientific studies to show that wearing face masks has any health benefit at all.

25. Where are the risk assessments or scientific peer reviewed studies to show that wearing a mask will protect someone from the risk of catching a virus and at the same time preventing them from spreading a virus?

26. Where is the evidence or scientific study to show the irrefutable proof that the long term wearing of a face covering does not cause any physical or psychological harm?

27. If Covid 19 is so deadly then why are masks not subject to strict containment and disposal bins used to dispose biological or medical waste?

28. Where is the evidence to support the notion that one way systems in supermarkets are effective in preventing the spread of a virus?

29. Why does anyone need a vaccine for a virus that has a 99.7% survival rate?

30. The definition of a vaccine is ‘a substance used to stimulate antibodies and provide immunity against one or more diseases’. Given that the Covid 19 vaccine does not provide full immunity and simply reduces symptoms of Covid 19, then how can the vaccine be classed as a vaccine by its own definition?

31. How has a vaccine for Covid 19 (SARS-COV-2) been developed in 10 months, when no vaccine has been successfully developed in 18 years for the SARS virus from 2003?

32. It normally takes 10-15 years to develop a vaccine due to the stringent safety measures that are in place which have to be fully satisfied. How can the covid 19 vaccine be considered safe when it has been developed in such a short time and no-one can possibly know what long term side effects or injury this new vaccine could cause without long term peer reviewed studies?

33. If vaccines are totally safe then why is there a vaccine damage compensation scheme?

34. Why are the companies who are creating these vaccines protected from prosecution should their products harm or injure anyone who has been administered the vaccine?

35. Who is responsible for any injury or damage caused as a result of  this vaccine?

36. Why has there been such a rush to roll out a vaccine for a virus that is considered no more deadly than a seasonal flu?

37. Why is the government insisting that everyone needs to be vaccinated?

38. If the vaccine provides immunity, then why does it matter who is vaccinated and who is not? If you have had the vaccine then you are safe from infection.

39. If the covid vaccine only reduces symptoms of the virus then why would anyone need a vaccine for a virus that 80% of the population will suffer only the mildest symptoms or none at all?

40. If there are no long term peer reviewed studies on the effects of this quickly developed vaccine, then surely the covid vaccine is considered to be experimental until a significant period of time has lapsed?

41. There is zero scientific evidence to support the claim that asymptomatic carriers can spread this virus, so why do healthy people need to be tested with the inaccurate PCR testing system and vaccinated with an experimental vaccine?

42. If the covid virus is so deadly that it travels around on the vapour produced from exhaled breath, then why does the covid test require an invasive 6 inch swab inserted up the nasal passage close to the blood brain barrier in order to retrieve a sample for testing? Surely providing a sample of saliva by spitting into a receptacle should be sufficient?

43. If this is a real pandemic then why do we need the TV and mainstream media to continually remind us?

44. Why haven’t the nightingale wards been reopened to treat covid specific patients and extra staff trained in order to allow the regular hospitals to focus on proving their normal service?

45. If covid 19 is such a deadly virus then why are people driving themselves to covid testing centres to find out if they have it or not?


By Martin Bentley


There’s been some very interesting developments coming out of number 10 regarding the introduction of health passports, vaccination passports or some form of certification for proof of vaccination in order to go on holiday.

The very thing that the so called conspiracy theorists have been warning us about for years, now appears to be under rapid development!

Yes, the mainstream media and government have been openly calling people conspiracy theorists, every time someone uncovers or exposes yet another apparent conspiracy, which then turns out to actually be a reality and no longer a theory! Maybe it’s time for the media and government to think about redefining the term conspiracy?!

The latest buzzword emerging out of number 10 downing street is the ‘Road Map to Freedom’ or ‘Passport to Freedom’. Which is rather baffling considering that we are already free! Unless of course, we aren’t.

Over the last 11 months or so, the UK population seem to have become psychologically conditioned to accept words and phrases like ‘Lockdown, Furlough and Daily exercise’ ( all of which, have their routes in the American prison system) being used to describe certain aspects of the current social environment we now live in, known as the new (Ab) normal.

So why is the government using such terminology, during an apparent health crisis, which would only normally apply to prisoners? Why are we being addressed and treated as though we are in a prison? Maybe the answer lies with the use of a team of behavioural psychologists attached to the sage committee known as spi-b (scientific pandemic influenza group on behaviours) whose purpose is to keep the population feeling sufficiently threatened! Quite why anyone would think that a team of psychologists are needed to combat an apparent respiratory health crisis is baffling to say the least!    

I sincerely believe that the British Population are under a deliberate and calculated agenda of mass programming, via the mainstream media, in order to psychologically condition people into giving up their freedom without any resistance.

The UK government has repeatedly denied that plans for Biometric Identification (like the Global Health Surveillance System mentioned in the ‘Rockefeller lockstep’ document from 2010) were being developed or even discussed and stated that there was no need for the implementation or the introduction of Health Passports. Dismissing such suggestions, as conspiracy theorist paranoia obsessed with the ‘whacky idea’ there is some kind of sinister Globalist Agenda for absolute control.

A brief look at this timeline of newspaper reports would suggest that the political establishment have been deliberately confusing the public by constantly changing their position or simply lying about their long term plans.

On the 30th November 2020, The Daily Mail reported that number 10 Downing Street was looking at Immunity Passports for Bars, Stadiums and Cinemas; with Nadhim Zahawi suggesting barring those who have not had the covid Jab. This was later denied by Michael Gove, only for the Daily Mail to contradict Michael Gove and report on the 22nd December that two companies had been awarded contracts by the UK government, to develop a ‘Freedom Passport’ in the form of an App and on the 9th of February it was reported that Brits could be given a scan-able QR code, with eight companies being awarded contracts to develop software.

We have had months of denial, lies and contradictions by politicians regarding the plans to roll out a ‘vaccine or health passport’ which now seems to be almost certain to happen.  

Dominic Raab was questioned on LBC about ‘Vaccination Passports’ with the presenter asking “What’s to stop a company demanding, in order to go into a restaurant or a pub in the future, that someone produce a document to show they have been vaccinated or a domestic Health Passport to enter a supermarket?”

To which Dominic Raab replied “Well, it’s something that hasn’t been ruled out and is under consideration.”

So is he suggesting that we will need a domestic ‘Health Passport’ to buy food? What on earth is really going on here? And where is this leading us to? Is this the beginning of the heavy restriction of mobility of goods and people mentioned in the ‘LOCKSTEP’ document from 2010??

Will all those who refuse to have this vaccine now be banned from travelling and going away on a family holiday or is it going to be much worse than that? Are we moving towards a future of division in the UK not unlike that which is rapidly unfolding in Israel, where those who are vaccinated are issued with a digital vaccination pass called the ‘green card’ and allowed entry in to bars, restaurants, hotels and gyms and those who are not vaccinated will be ostracised from the rest of society? Are we facing a type of medical apartheid?  

Is the so called ‘Passport to freedom’, a ‘Vaccine Passport’ or a ‘Health Passport’? The two are worded differently and have very different meanings but are interchangeable when spoken about by Politicians and what access are these ‘Vaccine / Health Passports’ going to be allowing us access to?

Where does this scheme for ‘Vaccine/Health’ Passports end? Passports for work, No Jab No Job? Passports for access to disability benefits, Pensions or treatment by the NHS? All of which we have already paid for in advance. Passports for Dental Treatment or Education? Passports for entry into gyms, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, bowling alleys, sporting events and concerts? Passports for entry into supermarkets?

And what information will be stored on these ‘Passports’?

It starts with the covid vaccine, then will it expand to become a record of all of your vaccinations? Then a record of your entire medical history, including mental health, sexual health and any conditions or illnesses that you find embarrassing which you would prefer to keep private?

Who would be allowed access to this information when scanning a passport? Police, Military, Doctors, Dentists, Teachers, Security Guards, Insurance Companies, Employers, Supermarket Managers, Hackers? After all the Government have a track record of incompetence when it comes to protecting sensitive information and a history of losing peoples personal data.

This really is opening a Pandora’s Box and I believe this a stepping stone to Biometric Identification and Global Health Surveillance for the absolute and total control of all people. Boris Johnson calls this the ‘Passport to Freedom’ but is it? To me it looks more like a road map which is taking us to a communist dictatorship resembling the Chinese Social Credit System! If you don’t know what that is, I’d certainly recommend you look into it!

Every day we seem to be living under tighter and tighter authoritarian control with no legitimate plan to return to how things were pre March 2020. We are subjected to ever changing and worsening restrictions, where the required standard to lift these disproportionate restrictions are continually raised to evermore unachievable levels.

What type of future are we allowing this out of control government to create and leave for our children and grandchildren to inherit? Are you so desperate for a holiday that you are prepared to be coerced into a global health surveillance system and willingly give up your privacy and your freedom for two weeks abroad? Or are you prepared to stand your ground, stay home and fight this tyrannical, monstrous power grab?


By Martin Bentley


Here, in the United Kingdom, we are currently living under the most draconian measures ever imposed on a supposedly free and democratic country. Never, in the history of this country, have we experienced an elected government which has imposed such heavy handed, authoritarian and utterly disproportionate measures on our society for a virus that statistically has a 99.7% survival rate! Where 80% of those who get this virus will, for the most part, be asymptomatic, or will only suffer the mildest of symptoms. With those who do unfortunately die from this virus, have an average age of 82.4 years old (which is statistically 1.4 years older than the national average under normal circumstances) with 1 or more underlying health issues. There is currently no evidence to show that asymptomatic carriers spread this virus which appears to have no impact on healthy children at all. So what on earth is going on?

On the 19th March 2020, the UK government declared that Covid 19 was no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease subsequently downgrading covid 19 to the equivalent of a seasonal flu. The government then went on to declare that the country was in a Pandemic and placed the country under a nationwide house arrest calling it ‘Lockdown’ (a phrase I’d only ever heard on TV prison dramas, where a Prisoner is confined to their cell with only the most basic requirements allowed) which was initially to prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed.

So were we being psychologically conditioned to believe that we weren’t actually free but instead we are considered to be prisoners, who are only entitled to rights and privileges? When the government allows them of course. So then, Welcome to Prison Island in the Disunited Kingdom of Gulag Britain! Is this the New Abnormal?

The NHS was never, at any point, overwhelmed (many of the staff became so bored they began recording themselves doing choreographed dance routines for morale boosting purposes). The nightingale wards that were purposely built for covid 19 patients, to allow the continued treatment of Patients with life threatening illnesses in regular Hospitals, were never used and were dismantled at the cost of billions; and the Patients with life threatening illnesses saw their treatments cancelled. But at least they had the NHS dance videos to cheer them up!

We have continued to suffer months of regional lockdowns, the closing of small businesses ( many of which are now completely destroyed), the closing of schools, tier systems and draconian measures such as, anti-social distancing, mandatory face coverings and the policing of essential shopping trips for essential items.

We have entered into a, seemingly, never ending cycle of infections and cases produced by a useless testing system which produces high levels of false positives.

The current testing method for covid 19, is the RT-PCR Test (Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction test) which was never designed to be a used as a diagnostic tool. The inventor of the test and Nobel Prize winner, Karry Mullis, himself stated that “The test itself doesn’t tell you that you are sick. These tests cannot detect free, infectious viruses at all.” The manufactures that make the tests, usually have disclaimers on the packaging declaring that they are not suitable for diagnostic purposes and that they are none specific! So why is the government using a testing system that is wildly inaccurate and not designed for the purpose they are using it for?

Many governments around the world all acted with the same hard lined and authoritarian approach as the UK and all at the same time, in Lockstep. Which brings me to the real reason for this report.

Some time ago last April 2020, I became aware of a Document produced by The ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION in 2010. Inside this document were details of four possible scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development, one of which was titled

‘LOCKSTEP’ – A world of tighter top-down government and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback!

The ‘LOCKSTEP’ scenario depicted a global pandemic which resulted in governments around the World taking extreme measures after following China’s example of Authoritarian Control, Quarantining of Citizens and Mandatory Mask wearing.

The Document goes on to predict the catastrophic impact on economies, heavy restrictions on the mobility of people and goods with the decimation of Small Businesses and Tourism.

LOCKSTEP’ goes on to describe the introduction and implementation of new diagnostics to detect communicable diseases, technology to gather data in health informatics and the introduction of biometric identification to control and monitor citizens for abnormal behaviour.

On page 19 of the document it goes on to comment about the Authoritarian Control demonstrated by China and seemingly applauds the draconian measures China imposes on its citizens promoting China as an ideal blueprint for which the rest of the world governments should model themselves on.

This is a paragraph taken out of the document.

“China’s government was not the only one that took extreme measures to protect its citizens from risk and exposure. During the Pandemic national leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and regulations from mandatory wearing of face masks to body temperature checks at the entries to communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets. Even after the pandemic faded this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified.”

Is this what we are experiencing now in real time?

The document goes on to describe how the notion of a more controlled world gained wide acceptance and approval with citizens willingly giving up their sovereignty and their privacy for a more paternalistic state in exchange for safety. Citizens are described as becoming more tolerant and even eager for more top-down control with national leaders imposing rules as they saw fit.

Developing countries are seen to develop, introduce and implement biometric identification.

We are currently witnessing all of the measures that are described in this document and more. The UK government have recently awarded contracts to 8 companies to develop software for a ‘Health Passport’ as a ‘Roadmap to Freedom’ or ‘Passport to Freedom’. So, are we not already free then? Is this the start of the Biometric Identification as stated in the ‘LOCKSTEP’ document? And where will this eventually lead to?

Why are the mainstream media not talking about this document?

The government are continually introducing new rules (not laws) and guidelines which are neither scientifically supported (67,000 Scientists and experts signed the Great Barrington Declaration opposing these draconian restrictions) nor opposed by many MP’s. They are then enforced by the Police who have no business or the lawful authority, in doing anything other than upholding the Law and investigating Criminal Activity. Instead we are witnessing the Police unlawfully issuing fines for breaching rules and guidelines and exercising authority you would normally see in communist countries like, China.

If you haven’t already read the document, then I strongly urge you to do so and compare what is in the document to what is happening around you. We are under a very real and serious threat of losing our freedom without any form of resistance if we no longer question anything or research what we are being led to believe. The wilful ignorance of important information by the mainstream media, who no longer investigate or question anything of any significance but simply inform what is happening, could be catastrophic if this document is a script by which the governments around the world are following, in lockstep.   

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Hi everyone, my name is Martin Bentley, I’m an ex Royal Marine, a father and an ordinary man on the street. Having grown sick and tired of this government telling lies and displaying such a blatant disregard for the freedoms that I and many others have served, fought and died for. I feel that I can no longer continue to simply sit back and allow this tyrannical oppression to take total control over our lives a minute longer, without doing everything within my power to try and stop it.

I have come to realise that the fight for freedom has never been truly won but is in truth, a never ending war which is continually waged by an insidious group who will not stop until they have enslaved us all in their pursuit for absolute power.

I am astonished at the ease in which, near total control, has been achieved here in the UK and across the world. So many people have willingly given up large portions of their freedom for a virus that 99.7% of people survive, where the average age of death is 82.4 years old with underlying health issues. I never would have believed that so many people would simply accept anything they were told without question. It truly is as fascinating as it is frightening.

I believe that the majority of people are decent and trusting in their nature who believe that the government has their best interests at heart and I am of the view that this is the main reason why they accept information without question.

I have never had an interest in politics or current affairs, mainly because I was convinced that those involved in affairs of the state were self serving, greedy, power hungry psychopaths who couldn’t tell the truth if their life depended on it and there was never anything you could really do to stop them.

Then the covid 19 plandemic came and changed all that, it was one step too far for me and so I became a part time independent researcher, journalist and public speaker to join the fight for truth and freedom. This is an information war and it became very clear to me that it wasn’t going be a case of waiting for the corrupt media to expose the truth but down to the ordinary man to search the truth and put it out there at street level.

I have been taken down numerous times by most social media platforms simply for telling the truth and sharing important information, which I believe everyone has the right to have access to in order to make a true informed decision. This is my contribution to the continued fight for truth and freedom of expression.