By Martin Bentley


Here, in the United Kingdom, we are currently living under the most draconian measures ever imposed on a supposedly free and democratic country. Never, in the history of this country, have we experienced an elected government which has imposed such heavy handed, authoritarian and utterly disproportionate measures on our society for a virus that statistically has a 99.7% survival rate! Where 80% of those who get this virus will, for the most part, be asymptomatic, or will only suffer the mildest of symptoms. With those who do unfortunately die from this virus, have an average age of 82.4 years old (which is statistically 1.4 years older than the national average under normal circumstances) with 1 or more underlying health issues. There is currently no evidence to show that asymptomatic carriers spread this virus which appears to have no impact on healthy children at all. So what on earth is going on?

On the 19th March 2020, the UK government declared that Covid 19 was no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease subsequently downgrading covid 19 to the equivalent of a seasonal flu. The government then went on to declare that the country was in a Pandemic and placed the country under a nationwide house arrest calling it ‘Lockdown’ (a phrase I’d only ever heard on TV prison dramas, where a Prisoner is confined to their cell with only the most basic requirements allowed) which was initially to prevent the NHS from being overwhelmed.

So were we being psychologically conditioned to believe that we weren’t actually free but instead we are considered to be prisoners, who are only entitled to rights and privileges? When the government allows them of course. So then, Welcome to Prison Island in the Disunited Kingdom of Gulag Britain! Is this the New Abnormal?

The NHS was never, at any point, overwhelmed (many of the staff became so bored they began recording themselves doing choreographed dance routines for morale boosting purposes). The nightingale wards that were purposely built for covid 19 patients, to allow the continued treatment of Patients with life threatening illnesses in regular Hospitals, were never used and were dismantled at the cost of billions; and the Patients with life threatening illnesses saw their treatments cancelled. But at least they had the NHS dance videos to cheer them up!

We have continued to suffer months of regional lockdowns, the closing of small businesses ( many of which are now completely destroyed), the closing of schools, tier systems and draconian measures such as, anti-social distancing, mandatory face coverings and the policing of essential shopping trips for essential items.

We have entered into a, seemingly, never ending cycle of infections and cases produced by a useless testing system which produces high levels of false positives.

The current testing method for covid 19, is the RT-PCR Test (Reverse Transcription Polymerase Chain Reaction test) which was never designed to be a used as a diagnostic tool. The inventor of the test and Nobel Prize winner, Karry Mullis, himself stated that “The test itself doesn’t tell you that you are sick. These tests cannot detect free, infectious viruses at all.” The manufactures that make the tests, usually have disclaimers on the packaging declaring that they are not suitable for diagnostic purposes and that they are none specific! So why is the government using a testing system that is wildly inaccurate and not designed for the purpose they are using it for?

Many governments around the world all acted with the same hard lined and authoritarian approach as the UK and all at the same time, in Lockstep. Which brings me to the real reason for this report.

Some time ago last April 2020, I became aware of a Document produced by The ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION in 2010. Inside this document were details of four possible scenarios for the Future of Technology and International Development, one of which was titled

‘LOCKSTEP’ – A world of tighter top-down government and more authoritarian leadership, with limited innovation and growing citizen pushback!

The ‘LOCKSTEP’ scenario depicted a global pandemic which resulted in governments around the World taking extreme measures after following China’s example of Authoritarian Control, Quarantining of Citizens and Mandatory Mask wearing.

The Document goes on to predict the catastrophic impact on economies, heavy restrictions on the mobility of people and goods with the decimation of Small Businesses and Tourism.

LOCKSTEP’ goes on to describe the introduction and implementation of new diagnostics to detect communicable diseases, technology to gather data in health informatics and the introduction of biometric identification to control and monitor citizens for abnormal behaviour.

On page 19 of the document it goes on to comment about the Authoritarian Control demonstrated by China and seemingly applauds the draconian measures China imposes on its citizens promoting China as an ideal blueprint for which the rest of the world governments should model themselves on.

This is a paragraph taken out of the document.

“China’s government was not the only one that took extreme measures to protect its citizens from risk and exposure. During the Pandemic national leaders around the world flexed their authority and imposed airtight rules and regulations from mandatory wearing of face masks to body temperature checks at the entries to communal spaces like train stations and supermarkets. Even after the pandemic faded this more authoritarian control and oversight of citizens and their activities stuck and even intensified.”

Is this what we are experiencing now in real time?

The document goes on to describe how the notion of a more controlled world gained wide acceptance and approval with citizens willingly giving up their sovereignty and their privacy for a more paternalistic state in exchange for safety. Citizens are described as becoming more tolerant and even eager for more top-down control with national leaders imposing rules as they saw fit.

Developing countries are seen to develop, introduce and implement biometric identification.

We are currently witnessing all of the measures that are described in this document and more. The UK government have recently awarded contracts to 8 companies to develop software for a ‘Health Passport’ as a ‘Roadmap to Freedom’ or ‘Passport to Freedom’. So, are we not already free then? Is this the start of the Biometric Identification as stated in the ‘LOCKSTEP’ document? And where will this eventually lead to?

Why are the mainstream media not talking about this document?

The government are continually introducing new rules (not laws) and guidelines which are neither scientifically supported (67,000 Scientists and experts signed the Great Barrington Declaration opposing these draconian restrictions) nor opposed by many MP’s. They are then enforced by the Police who have no business or the lawful authority, in doing anything other than upholding the Law and investigating Criminal Activity. Instead we are witnessing the Police unlawfully issuing fines for breaching rules and guidelines and exercising authority you would normally see in communist countries like, China.

If you haven’t already read the document, then I strongly urge you to do so and compare what is in the document to what is happening around you. We are under a very real and serious threat of losing our freedom without any form of resistance if we no longer question anything or research what we are being led to believe. The wilful ignorance of important information by the mainstream media, who no longer investigate or question anything of any significance but simply inform what is happening, could be catastrophic if this document is a script by which the governments around the world are following, in lockstep.   

Published by Independent Research Group

I'm an ex Royal Marine and a father who is absolutely disgusted with this appalling attack on free speech. I'm utterly sickened by the so called journalists within the UK mainstream media, who are now nothing more than an advertising platform and propaganda arm for the UK government. Freedom of speech is on a life support machine, critical thinking appears to be in a coma and debate in this country is dead! I've had enough of this relentless campaign to silence those of us who question what we are told and I'm here to try and help bring some balance back to this dying democracy, by providing as much information to the public as I can so that they can make true informed choices, instead of acting on the information delivered in a spoon fed narrative, which is assisting a particular agenda.

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