By Martin Bentley


There’s been some very interesting developments coming out of number 10 regarding the introduction of health passports, vaccination passports or some form of certification for proof of vaccination in order to go on holiday.

The very thing that the so called conspiracy theorists have been warning us about for years, now appears to be under rapid development!

Yes, the mainstream media and government have been openly calling people conspiracy theorists, every time someone uncovers or exposes yet another apparent conspiracy, which then turns out to actually be a reality and no longer a theory! Maybe it’s time for the media and government to think about redefining the term conspiracy?!

The latest buzzword emerging out of number 10 downing street is the ‘Road Map to Freedom’ or ‘Passport to Freedom’. Which is rather baffling considering that we are already free! Unless of course, we aren’t.

Over the last 11 months or so, the UK population seem to have become psychologically conditioned to accept words and phrases like ‘Lockdown, Furlough and Daily exercise’ ( all of which, have their routes in the American prison system) being used to describe certain aspects of the current social environment we now live in, known as the new (Ab) normal.

So why is the government using such terminology, during an apparent health crisis, which would only normally apply to prisoners? Why are we being addressed and treated as though we are in a prison? Maybe the answer lies with the use of a team of behavioural psychologists attached to the sage committee known as spi-b (scientific pandemic influenza group on behaviours) whose purpose is to keep the population feeling sufficiently threatened! Quite why anyone would think that a team of psychologists are needed to combat an apparent respiratory health crisis is baffling to say the least!    

I sincerely believe that the British Population are under a deliberate and calculated agenda of mass programming, via the mainstream media, in order to psychologically condition people into giving up their freedom without any resistance.

The UK government has repeatedly denied that plans for Biometric Identification (like the Global Health Surveillance System mentioned in the ‘Rockefeller lockstep’ document from 2010) were being developed or even discussed and stated that there was no need for the implementation or the introduction of Health Passports. Dismissing such suggestions, as conspiracy theorist paranoia obsessed with the ‘whacky idea’ there is some kind of sinister Globalist Agenda for absolute control.

A brief look at this timeline of newspaper reports would suggest that the political establishment have been deliberately confusing the public by constantly changing their position or simply lying about their long term plans.

On the 30th November 2020, The Daily Mail reported that number 10 Downing Street was looking at Immunity Passports for Bars, Stadiums and Cinemas; with Nadhim Zahawi suggesting barring those who have not had the covid Jab. This was later denied by Michael Gove, only for the Daily Mail to contradict Michael Gove and report on the 22nd December that two companies had been awarded contracts by the UK government, to develop a ‘Freedom Passport’ in the form of an App and on the 9th of February it was reported that Brits could be given a scan-able QR code, with eight companies being awarded contracts to develop software.

We have had months of denial, lies and contradictions by politicians regarding the plans to roll out a ‘vaccine or health passport’ which now seems to be almost certain to happen.  

Dominic Raab was questioned on LBC about ‘Vaccination Passports’ with the presenter asking “What’s to stop a company demanding, in order to go into a restaurant or a pub in the future, that someone produce a document to show they have been vaccinated or a domestic Health Passport to enter a supermarket?”

To which Dominic Raab replied “Well, it’s something that hasn’t been ruled out and is under consideration.”

So is he suggesting that we will need a domestic ‘Health Passport’ to buy food? What on earth is really going on here? And where is this leading us to? Is this the beginning of the heavy restriction of mobility of goods and people mentioned in the ‘LOCKSTEP’ document from 2010??

Will all those who refuse to have this vaccine now be banned from travelling and going away on a family holiday or is it going to be much worse than that? Are we moving towards a future of division in the UK not unlike that which is rapidly unfolding in Israel, where those who are vaccinated are issued with a digital vaccination pass called the ‘green card’ and allowed entry in to bars, restaurants, hotels and gyms and those who are not vaccinated will be ostracised from the rest of society? Are we facing a type of medical apartheid?  

Is the so called ‘Passport to freedom’, a ‘Vaccine Passport’ or a ‘Health Passport’? The two are worded differently and have very different meanings but are interchangeable when spoken about by Politicians and what access are these ‘Vaccine / Health Passports’ going to be allowing us access to?

Where does this scheme for ‘Vaccine/Health’ Passports end? Passports for work, No Jab No Job? Passports for access to disability benefits, Pensions or treatment by the NHS? All of which we have already paid for in advance. Passports for Dental Treatment or Education? Passports for entry into gyms, pubs, restaurants, cinemas, bowling alleys, sporting events and concerts? Passports for entry into supermarkets?

And what information will be stored on these ‘Passports’?

It starts with the covid vaccine, then will it expand to become a record of all of your vaccinations? Then a record of your entire medical history, including mental health, sexual health and any conditions or illnesses that you find embarrassing which you would prefer to keep private?

Who would be allowed access to this information when scanning a passport? Police, Military, Doctors, Dentists, Teachers, Security Guards, Insurance Companies, Employers, Supermarket Managers, Hackers? After all the Government have a track record of incompetence when it comes to protecting sensitive information and a history of losing peoples personal data.

This really is opening a Pandora’s Box and I believe this a stepping stone to Biometric Identification and Global Health Surveillance for the absolute and total control of all people. Boris Johnson calls this the ‘Passport to Freedom’ but is it? To me it looks more like a road map which is taking us to a communist dictatorship resembling the Chinese Social Credit System! If you don’t know what that is, I’d certainly recommend you look into it!

Every day we seem to be living under tighter and tighter authoritarian control with no legitimate plan to return to how things were pre March 2020. We are subjected to ever changing and worsening restrictions, where the required standard to lift these disproportionate restrictions are continually raised to evermore unachievable levels.

What type of future are we allowing this out of control government to create and leave for our children and grandchildren to inherit? Are you so desperate for a holiday that you are prepared to be coerced into a global health surveillance system and willingly give up your privacy and your freedom for two weeks abroad? Or are you prepared to stand your ground, stay home and fight this tyrannical, monstrous power grab?

Published by Independent Research Group

I'm an ex Royal Marine and a father who is absolutely disgusted with this appalling attack on free speech. I'm utterly sickened by the so called journalists within the UK mainstream media, who are now nothing more than an advertising platform and propaganda arm for the UK government. Freedom of speech is on a life support machine, critical thinking appears to be in a coma and debate in this country is dead! I've had enough of this relentless campaign to silence those of us who question what we are told and I'm here to try and help bring some balance back to this dying democracy, by providing as much information to the public as I can so that they can make true informed choices, instead of acting on the information delivered in a spoon fed narrative, which is assisting a particular agenda.

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