By Martin Bentley


With Free Speech being heavily supressed under communist style censorship, public debate is non-existent and on-one is able to make a true informed choice due to the suppression of important information. It is time we fought for truth at street level by asking those around us, who believe what they are told by the mainstream media, to provide an answer to these important questions.

1. On the 19th of March 2020, the UK government declared that covid 19 was no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease. This status has remained unchanged. So why then, has the government continued to insist that we are in a pandemic?

2. On the 23rd of March the government placed the country under lockdown to stop the NHS from being overwhelmed. The NHS was never overwhelmed at any point so why did the lockdowns continue?

3. Why were lockdowns deemed necessary, despite never being used before in previous flu epidemics and given the fact that the government had downgraded covid 19 to no more serious than a seasonal flu?

4. Why did the government spend billions of pounds building numerous nightingale wards, specifically to treat covid 19 patients, in order for those with life threatening illnesses such as heart disease and cancer, to be able to continue to receive their treatment in hospital without fear of infection from the virus. Why were the nightingale wards never used?

5. Why did thousands of patients have their lifesaving treatment cancelled?

6. Why were people being arrested for videoing the inside of hospitals which were clearly empty despite the claim they were at full capacity?

7. Why were the nightingale wards dismantled in the summer whilst the government insisted we were not rid of the virus and were expecting a second more deadly wave in the coming winter?

8. Why does the government insist on social distancing measures based on nothing more than anecdotal evidence? After government advisor, Professor Robert Dingwall, declared that the 2m distancing rule had no scientific basis and was plucked out of thin air.

9. Despite statistics showing that covid 19 has a 99.7% survival rate which 80% of those who get the virus will only suffer mild symptoms or no symptoms at all. Where the average age of death is 82.4 years old with one or more comorbidities and without a single, provable documented case of an asymptomatic carrier transmitting this virus which has zero effect on children. Why are the government insisting that this is a deadly virus despite these statistics and the declaration on March 19th that it was no longer considered a high consequence in factious disease?

10. Why are the schools continually being closed, ruining the education and futures of millions of children when there isn’t a single documented case that any child has passed on this virus?

11. Why are the schools being continually closed when there are practically no teachers in the vulnerable group? The small number of teachers who are shielding could teach classes from home via the internet leaving the schools to run as normal with classroom assistants supervising.

12. Why are small businesses being forced to close whilst big businesses such as supermarkets are allowed to continue to operate whilst housing 100’s of people?

13. The inventor of the PCR test, Karry Mullis, stated that the RT-PCR test cannot detect free infectious viruses at all, so why is the RT-PCR test being used as the approved method of detecting covid 19 when it is not specifically designed for use as a diagnostic tool?

14. The PCR test produces high levels of false positives due to its inability to identify or distinguish between a live virus and fragments of genetic material left over from a previous cold or virus, so why are the statistics for cases of covid 19 reported at the levels they are when they are clearly inaccurate?

15. Why are people being recorded as a covid 19 death statistic within 28 days of testing positive for the virus despite dying from stage 4 cancer, heart disease or other conditions?

16. Why are post mortems no longer being performed before recording the cause of death in order to determine an accurate cause of death?

17. Why are we not seeing excessive numbers of funerals?

18. Why are we not witnessing excessive amounts of ambulance activity at all hours of the day and night?

19. Why are we not witnessing neighbours or family members dying in excessive numbers?

20. Why are we not seeing huge numbers of Key workers dying?

21. Why are we not witnessing huge numbers of people who work in and around the TV and Radio stations dying?

22. Why are TV shows still being filmed regularly and as normal whilst small businesses are forced to close down?

23. Why are the government employing SPI-B which is a team of psychologists, whose role is to keep the country in a constant state of fear? Why are Psychologists needed to combat a virus?

24. Why are the government insisting on the wearing of masks based on anecdotal evidence? There are no scientific studies to show that wearing face masks has any health benefit at all.

25. Where are the risk assessments or scientific peer reviewed studies to show that wearing a mask will protect someone from the risk of catching a virus and at the same time preventing them from spreading a virus?

26. Where is the evidence or scientific study to show the irrefutable proof that the long term wearing of a face covering does not cause any physical or psychological harm?

27. If Covid 19 is so deadly then why are masks not subject to strict containment and disposal bins used to dispose biological or medical waste?

28. Where is the evidence to support the notion that one way systems in supermarkets are effective in preventing the spread of a virus?

29. Why does anyone need a vaccine for a virus that has a 99.7% survival rate?

30. The definition of a vaccine is ‘a substance used to stimulate antibodies and provide immunity against one or more diseases’. Given that the Covid 19 vaccine does not provide full immunity and simply reduces symptoms of Covid 19, then how can the vaccine be classed as a vaccine by its own definition?

31. How has a vaccine for Covid 19 (SARS-COV-2) been developed in 10 months, when no vaccine has been successfully developed in 18 years for the SARS virus from 2003?

32. It normally takes 10-15 years to develop a vaccine due to the stringent safety measures that are in place which have to be fully satisfied. How can the covid 19 vaccine be considered safe when it has been developed in such a short time and no-one can possibly know what long term side effects or injury this new vaccine could cause without long term peer reviewed studies?

33. If vaccines are totally safe then why is there a vaccine damage compensation scheme?

34. Why are the companies who are creating these vaccines protected from prosecution should their products harm or injure anyone who has been administered the vaccine?

35. Who is responsible for any injury or damage caused as a result of  this vaccine?

36. Why has there been such a rush to roll out a vaccine for a virus that is considered no more deadly than a seasonal flu?

37. Why is the government insisting that everyone needs to be vaccinated?

38. If the vaccine provides immunity, then why does it matter who is vaccinated and who is not? If you have had the vaccine then you are safe from infection.

39. If the covid vaccine only reduces symptoms of the virus then why would anyone need a vaccine for a virus that 80% of the population will suffer only the mildest symptoms or none at all?

40. If there are no long term peer reviewed studies on the effects of this quickly developed vaccine, then surely the covid vaccine is considered to be experimental until a significant period of time has lapsed?

41. There is zero scientific evidence to support the claim that asymptomatic carriers can spread this virus, so why do healthy people need to be tested with the inaccurate PCR testing system and vaccinated with an experimental vaccine?

42. If the covid virus is so deadly that it travels around on the vapour produced from exhaled breath, then why does the covid test require an invasive 6 inch swab inserted up the nasal passage close to the blood brain barrier in order to retrieve a sample for testing? Surely providing a sample of saliva by spitting into a receptacle should be sufficient?

43. If this is a real pandemic then why do we need the TV and mainstream media to continually remind us?

44. Why haven’t the nightingale wards been reopened to treat covid specific patients and extra staff trained in order to allow the regular hospitals to focus on proving their normal service?

45. If covid 19 is such a deadly virus then why are people driving themselves to covid testing centres to find out if they have it or not?

Published by Independent Research Group

I'm an ex Royal Marine and a father who is absolutely disgusted with this appalling attack on free speech. I'm utterly sickened by the so called journalists within the UK mainstream media, who are now nothing more than an advertising platform and propaganda arm for the UK government. Freedom of speech is on a life support machine, critical thinking appears to be in a coma and debate in this country is dead! I've had enough of this relentless campaign to silence those of us who question what we are told and I'm here to try and help bring some balance back to this dying democracy, by providing as much information to the public as I can so that they can make true informed choices, instead of acting on the information delivered in a spoon fed narrative, which is assisting a particular agenda.

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