It is a continual nightmare for those of us who have been paying close attention over the last 12 months and who have been busy gathering information whilst trying to expose the obvious lie that is covid 19.

Convincing the mask wearing, brainwashed population, who have become increasingly hypnotised by the fear soaked propaganda campaign which is endlessly pumped into the living rooms of every home in the country via the TV and radio, that they are being lied to, is nigh on impossible!

Ever since March 23rd 2020, when the UK government declared a pandemic 4 days after covid 19 was no longer considered to be a high consequence infectious disease, we have all been fully committed to investigating and pulling apart the finer details of the statistics and evidence produced by the government.

We have been fighting a continual tidal wave of lies, in what is a very dirty, vicious, exhausting war of information and deception.

I believe we are now at a moment in time where the whole covid narrative is beginning to lose its momentum and the government is playing a losing game of whack-a-mole with the truth as more and more people begin to ask questions.

For those of us who have watched this nightmare unfold whilst attempting to expose the corruption to the sleeping majority, it is my opinion, that the real danger now, is some of those who are aware of this pantomime plandemic, are going to end up getting lost in the covid deception, depending on the level of knowledge that each individual has. There are many levels of truth, all with multiple rabbit holes with gatekeepers or planted government agents, shills and freemasons whose purpose is to slow you down, to poison the well with half-truths, pacify you with crowd funding lawyers and a promise of legal remedy, (which has zero chance of success, as all the courts are places of commerce not justice). All to keep you from moving forward in the pursuit of truth.

Those who have planned and executed this agenda are now deploying a continued roll out of distractions amongst the covid sceptics in order to snare those who are aware of the lies, with traps purposely designed to keep them tangled up in the cleverly woven web of lies with the continued help of controlled opposition groups and ever increasing list of pretend whistle blowers.

The continued regurgitation of the truth about inaccurate data, inaccurate testing systems, inaccurate diagnosis of coronavirus, falsified death certificates, fraudulent recordings of cause of death, died with or died having tested positive for 28 days after death, the use of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin, the disappearance of flu etc. All of which is important information to share with those who are oblivious to it but for those of us with knowledge of the truth, it is simply an echo chamber of truth and facts used as a tactic to keep us going around in circles, whilst arguing about the finer details.

It is nothing more than a distraction to continually shift the focus of attention whilst maintaining the covid 19 narrative. Classic smoke and mirrors. The narrative being that there is an actual virus that requires actual treatment. After some considerable time unearthing a lot of facts surrounding this so called virus and its fabricated statistics, I became extremely frustrated which quickly evolved into complete soul destroying boredom (there are only so many graphs, facts, figures and experts I can listen to before they all start repeating each other).

The latest debate is the supposed suppression of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as a cheap and effective way to treat coronavirus, which is a prime example of keeping those in the know of this scam distracted whilst maintaining the pandemic narrative.

The truth is, those who fund the pharmaceutical industry are only promoting pharmaceutical products as a solution to a fake pandemic and there are even some of those who know that covid is a lie, who are being drawn into this fake debate about Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin being a cheaper and more effective method of treatment than an experimental vaccine (which isn’t even a vaccine in the traditional sense, it’s an mRNA gene therapy). Who are then encouraged to write in protest to their local MP instead of further questioning what they are told. They are led down a cul-de-sac by gate keeper shills in classic smoke and mirrors distraction.

Such fruitless arguments and protests simply helps maintain the government’s narrative by accepting that covid 19 exists, which in turn implies consent to the societal restrictions imposed on us, as the overwhelming majority of the population are silent through either media induced fear or cognitive dissonance and are totally compliant. This further solidifies the government’s decisions as they see the majority are silently happy with the current situation.

Around December I began to resign myself to the fact that no matter how many official statistics you take apart or how much evidence you produce to argue against the lies, the hypnotised sheeple will only wake up to the truth as and when they are ready to (some may never wake up at all)! Having reached this hopeless conclusion I was left feeling hamstrung wondering where to go from here.

With prior knowledge of the monopoly of the pharmaceutical industry by J.D Rockefeller and Andrew Carnegie in the 1900’s (if you aren’t aware of this then I’d recommend you look into it), I began to research deeper into the industry itself and its origins. I hadn’t previously looked too much beyond the statistics, methods of testing and facts surrounding the pandemic nonsense until around December 2020 as I had been researching other topics of interest.

As well as doing my own research, I read the excellent book ‘What really makes you ill?’ by Dawn Lester & David Parker and ‘Goodbye Germ Theory: ending a century of medical fraud’ by Dr William P. Trebling (both of which I would recommend you read!).

I have discovered that the pharmaceutical industry which produces the petrochemical based ‘so called medicines’ also heavily funded the science of microbiology and virology, which is all based on the ‘Germ Theory’ which was theorised and tested by 19th century French scientist Louis Pasteur.

Although I feel have only scratched the surface with this topic, the information I have found is astonishing! So much of what I have read, made so much sense and resonated with me to the point where it has become very clear that ‘Germ Theory’ is extremely flawed and was the perfect vehicle to create a multi-billion Dollar industry.

I could write endless paragraphs explaining why the evidence for Germs being the cause of disease is extremely flawed or explain my reasons for believing that the concept of Germ Theory should be, at the very least, questioned in its entirety. Or why I now believe that viruses are not the causes of disease but a necessary product of the body’s own immune system detoxifying itself and that the most common theme where epidemics occur is poor sanitation, lack of food and access to clean drinking water.

But there are books like the ones previously mentioned that explain it in such concise detail that I really couldn’t improve on what has already been so brilliantly done. Therefore I would encourage you to read the information and investigate the concept of ‘Germ Theory’ for yourself.

Like many modern sciences, ‘Germ Theory’ was and still is what its name purports it to be, just a theory. It has never progressed or evolved into irrefutable fact. The very nature of science is to continually question itself but as we have discovered, particularly in the current alleged pandemic, that the multi-billion dollar industry funding the science behind Germ Theory, microbiology and virology is beyond questioning and any attempt to do so is viciously attacked with arrogance, ignorance and ridicule.  

As a result of my research, I have gone far beyond questioning the covid 19 narrative and progressed to questioning the whole concept of Germ Theory in its entirety and the nature of petrochemical based medical treatments. The billion dollar pharmaceutical industry has no real incentive or reason to cure any disease because there is no financial interest to do so and the continual use of the term ‘side effects’ is just a deceptive way of informing the patient that there is a possibility of further illness through continual poisoning of the body, which may require the need for more pharmaceutical treatments.

I now find myself questioning the ethics of all of the ‘so called’ whistle blower Doctors recommending the use of Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin as an alternative treatment to the mRNA gene therapy vaccine. It’s very difficult to see how they cannot be gatekeepers for the pharmaceutical mafia, complicit and happy to be paid to keep the lie going, or are afraid to question the use of allopathic medicine in favour of holistic treatments through fear of losing their job, or they are genuinely ignorant of the facts around Germ Theory and are victims of pharmaceutical funded university programming.

I’m not saying there aren’t any good Doctors out there speaking out because there are but I can’t see teams of virologists or microbiologists anytime soon, suddenly questioning a theory which would inevitably end in career suicide and ‘bon voyage’ to a very well paid employment provided by the pharmaceutical gravy train, with the exception of Stephan Lanka and his college Karl Krafeld who have specifically stated that viruses do not cause disease, of course. This really is a spiritual, moral and ethical test.

It’s a choice of choosing a life lived with a clear conscience and a loss of personal luxuries through moral obligation to do right by your fellow man versus living a fake life of enslavement, paid for through bribery with fake worthless money, created out of thin air, which delivers you comfort in one hand, solely to benefit someone else’s nefarious agenda at the cost of innocent lives, in the other.

A red flag for me now is that any medical professional who is speaking out about the vaccine but still refuses to challenge the concept of Germ Theory, has got to be questioned. The way in which this very weak respiratory illness has been hijacked and used for the most sinister and nefarious reasons, should by now be as clear as day to anyone not brainwashed and working within the medical profession.

If you are of the understanding that this alleged virus is not as deadly as the government and their medical expert advisors are insisting it is and you are questioning the statistics, then you really should be moving up a level to questioning the whole concept of ‘Germ Theory’. If science is no longer able or willing to question itself, then it’s time that we did and held those who are in the business of assisting this tyranny, to account!

Published by Independent Research Group

I'm an ex Royal Marine and a father who is absolutely disgusted with this appalling attack on free speech. I'm utterly sickened by the so called journalists within the UK mainstream media, who are now nothing more than an advertising platform and propaganda arm for the UK government. Freedom of speech is on a life support machine, critical thinking appears to be in a coma and debate in this country is dead! I've had enough of this relentless campaign to silence those of us who question what we are told and I'm here to try and help bring some balance back to this dying democracy, by providing as much information to the public as I can so that they can make true informed choices, instead of acting on the information delivered in a spoon fed narrative, which is assisting a particular agenda.


  1. Excellent article again Martin !! I must say I know about germ theory anyway and have always celebrated the cold in our house. Did you get to see Sasha Stones”death of germ theory 2021″ the other week ? I have 2 boys who are unvaccinated only because a friend of mine was a OR nurse and just mentioned that there could be a problem with what they put in the vaccinations in 1995…so long ago ! Anyway neither of my boys have ever been ill really until the masks. Now it’s bacterial throat infections from the mask. I try to get them to eat healthy , take their vitamins and change the masks. I decided to kind of give up as people are literally stupid. It’s been done on purpose and haven’t the powers that be done a marvellous job of that.If people new the truth then they would have to do something about it. I can’t be bothered anymore. Watching It unfold is life draining. It does help that I’ve got chickens , a massive veg garden and green house to keep me busy. Plus it’s kind of summer , chemtrails galore lately which look extra scary now ! You reminded me that there is no virus. Yes it was a flu around the usual flu season. The hydroxy and ivormectin…yes I must remember that’s just a load of crap now. There’s so much info going round that it’s kind boggling and easy to forget the line of truth you want to travel. They are actually talking about cyborgs now on the world economic forum, it used to be transhumanism. That bothers me !! Don’t get the injection😁Alex


    1. Hi Alex, thanks for the compliment! Your support is very much appreciated! I’m not aware of Sasha Stones death of the germ theory, I have a suspicion that he is controlled opposition and freemason, so I don’t follow what he does. I try to keep as independent as possible, which is difficult as there are so many gatekeeper shills stemming the flow of truth and poisoning the well. We have to be extremely vigilant but it’s getting harder and the shills are getting better.
      I won’t even have a test because of the ethylene oxide that us on the swabs so there us zero chance of me getting the vax!
      Martin 😊


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